There are several student Societies you may join during your medical student years:

SSMI (Medical Students’ Society Iasi)

SSMI offers a lot of pleasant extra-curricular activities such as: acting, singing, volunteering, physical education, movie times etc.; plus you feel part of a big team, with a similar purpose: becoming a doctor.

You can visit their weekly meetings every Tuesday from 19:30 and find out more about their work.


SSCR (Surgery Students’ Society)

The Surgical Society of our faculty. Through its famous workshops students can learn and practice doing sutures from scratch, experience the equipment used during surgery and how to prepare for the operating room. Their workshops are held in Romanian, French and English and will give you a first taste of what it means to be a surgeon.

More information on their website:



The AMSFI (Asociaţia Medicală a Studenţilor Francofoni din Iaşi), also known as CMI the old name, is a student association founded in 2016 that represents francophone students of General Medicine and Dentistry faculties of the University Grigore T. Popa in Iași.
Its purpose is to defend students rights and to participate in the personal development of its members.

More information on their website.


EMSA Iasi – European Medical Students’ Association Iasi

The European Medical Students’ Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing medical students from all across Europe. Founded 1990 in Brussels, it is the only voice of students within the European Medical Organisations. The association provides a platform for high-level advocacy, projects, trainings, workshops and international meetings. Its activities gather around Medical Education, Medical Ethics and Human Rights, Health Policy, Public Health, Medical Science and European Integration and Culture. The students of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T.Popa” Iasi will have the possibility to participate at the extracurricular activities that will be organized from EMSA Iasi and integrate with their colleagues in a local, national and International level.

More information on their website.


For facebook addicts (you will have to be one any way, since in UMF we use it a lot) search the following groups:

International Medical Students Society Iasi

Everything about international students, where you will find useful information regarding deadlines, relevant questions from other students, updates from the Dean’s office etc.

Iasi student market

Created by students. A market for books, electrical devices and anything else you can imagine.

Eclesia International (Iași, Romania)

An English-speaking Church in Iasi, where you can pray with other students, meet great people and join them on their Friday Fun Nights.