PALAS – a city in the heart of the city

In the vicinity of the Palace of Culture lies a breathtaking urbanist ensemble, a “city in the heart of the city”. Palas manages to both appease the fever of shopping and satisfy the pleasure of spending time in the city. In other words, we are dealing with a “lifestyle center” equipped with a shopping mall, food court, shopping street, event halls, underground parking with 2,500 places, a park with green areas, gazebos, fountains and ambient music, all extending on an area of 270,000 square meters.
Details about Palas

The Magical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Iasi – the first botanical garden in Romania and one of the largest in the world, with an area of 100 hectares, was founded by naturalist and physician Anastasius Fatu, in 1856. It is one of the “wonders” of the city, a true “provisional paradise” with more than 2000 plant species, all in a world overtaken by technology.



Iasi, a Green City

Iasi is also famous for its “Copou” Garden, which is the oldest park in Iasi, dating from 1833. The center of the park is home to a spectacular monument – the Lions Obelisk, one of the oldest monuments in the country’s modern history, but also to an old linden tree, in the shade of which used to rest the greatest Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu.

Also on Copou hill you can find the Exhibition Park, spread over several hectares, with terraces and playgrounds for children. For lovers of nature and sports, there are several recreation facilities outside the city area like: Ezareni Nautical Base, “Alexandru Matei” Aeroclub, Ciric Recreational nautical Base, HAMAK Recreational Club. Iasi also has equestrian clubs, synthetic football fields, go-kart tracks, aeroclubs, swimming pools, climbing facilities etc.

Pubs & Cafes

The number of cafes, bars, pubs and clubs has exploded in the recent years in Iasi so it’s pretty hard to put down a list here. We will be short:

On Lascar Catargi no.50 is the Retro Café, opened in a beautiful restored house, very frequented by medical students who have courses nearby. It is air-conditioned and is open until midnight.

Time Out is on the chic side, but it has a wonderful interior design. The only problem is it’s mostly visited by people with more money than the regular Joe, and that’s the reason for which a 0.33L beer can be purchased for 4 or even 5 bucks.

Up the Yellow Ravine (”Râpa Galbenă”) you can find Acaju, on Anastasie Fătu Street, no. 2A. Acaju is pretty much the ultimate happy place. Whether you’re catching up with friends or bent over your laptop dutifully avoiding the cost of shared office space, its beautiful terrace is one hell of a mood enhancer.  Also, the staff’s hospitality definitely warms up this shabby chic haven.

La Bază can be a cheap and fun place to hang out on Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re around the center of Iasi, check in to La Baza, particularly if you like partying around until dawn. The music is a mix between Rock and Electronic, so anyone can get their cake and eat it. The prices are extremely (and I do mean extremely) friendly: buy a beer for approximately $1.5.

Underground is a neighbour club of La Baza, so we strongly recommend making a tour of all the small clubs in the same area. In the past, this spot used to be a Rock pub, but nowadays it’s mostly focused on playing dubstep, drum & bass and broken beat. One beer is $2.

Of course, Iasi has a number of a posh clubs also, like Fratelli and Skin, where prices are a bit high. However, it’s the perfect spot for nostalgic individuals who love to dance, because the DJs usually play music from the 80s and the 90s.

Cafeneaua Piata Unirii is another good choice. In terms of music, it may not excel, but it’s certainly cheaper and nicer. Around once a week, the cafe hosts concerts of various artists, of which the style can go from regular cover bands to hardcore blues ones.

You can check your options for pubs and events on local websites like or