If you have extra non-attendances/absences (more than those you are allowed to have by not being sick), you have to pay and repeat the classes in order to obtain a class mark (10%).


  1. Ask your professors for the number of non-attendances you need to retake.
  2. Complete the application form and ask the assistant to sign it. (Go to the “Applications” link)
  3. Go to the Faculty of Pharmacy headquarters, at the “Casier” Office and pay the fee, which is 20 lei per hour.
  4. Give the receipt and the application form to your secretary, for which she will give you a small paper entitled “Adeverinta” that you have to give to your professors.

Please be careful and don’t over do it with the abcences!

Of course, your presence is not mandatory at the lectures, but it is recommended.

In case you were sick, you have to contact the university doctor for a checkup.

In this case, you are also required to fill in an application form and give it to the secretary, together with a paper from the doctor. For all of this, you have a period of 2 weeks starting from the date you skipped the classes for health problems.