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Dental Medicine

Monday, December 7, 2020
13:30 – 16:00 / 18:00 – 20:30 (GMT+2)


Tuesday, December 8, 2020
13:30 – 16:00 / 18:00 – 20:30 (GMT+2)


Friday, December 11, 2020
13:30 – 16:00 / 18:00 – 20:30 (GMT+2)

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Thoughts from our students

Hanane SHIMI (France), Faculty of Medicine– French section, 3rd year:


„Immediately after completing my studies as a midwife in France, I decided to study medicine. My thirst for learning and my curiosity pushed me forward and helped me find the right solution for my training as a future doctor. The countless positive reviews, as well as the quality of the students’ life, motivated me to submit an application to the University of Iași. I have absolutely no regrets, because I found everything I dreamt of: a university that is gradually modernizing and encouraging us to be autonomous. It offers a direct approach to the hospital environment, due to its location near the university hospital. We are able to learn at the patient’s bedside, a considerable advantage. This university is an example of multiculturalism, which creates a perfect balance between practice and theory. I do not regret this choice at all.”

Olivier Samano (France), Faculty of Medicine– French section, 4th year:


First of all, I made the decision to study medicine here because France denied me access to this type of career and, for that, I am already extremely grateful to Romania. Then I had to choose the university. I was undecided whether to go to Cluj-Napoca or Iasi, but I already had a friend who studies here and I chose Iasi, because I found it much more welcoming and pleasant. And, so far, I have absolutely no regrets!”

Anastasia Balta (Greece), Faculty of Medicine – English section, 4th year:


„I came to Iasi without any knowledge of the city or any recommendations, based only on instinct and my own research. So far, I think I was right, because UMF Iasi offered me high quality education, an immersion in different cultures and solved very quickly and efficiently any problem brought to the attention of the management team, even in the current coronavirus epidemic. This university has offered us, international students, the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and I would definitely recommend it to future generations.”

Pundrik Kaur (Norway), Faculty of Medicine – English section, 5th year


„I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor. I had some friends who were studying at UMF Iaşi and who encouraged me to come on a visit and see the university. I was surprised that the city had its own airport. Also, Romania, compared to other European countries, has lower tuition costs and a much lower cost of living. So, before coming to Iasi, I worked during the holidays and managed to raise enough money to study and live here. There are also a lot of flight connections between Romania and other European cities, which facilitates the trip home for any special occasions. ”

Jyoti Anafack (Switzerland), Faculty of Medicine – French section, 6th year


„I have always wanted to study medicine. I’m from Switzerland, so obviously I went to the University of Lausanne, where I failed and wasn’t able to resume the year. But medicine remained my passion and I did not let this failure get in my way. So I searched everywhere and found out that Romania has medical universities with French sections. Through a little research, I found out that Iasi and Cluj have the best medical schools. I applied to both, but as one of my friends was going to Iasi, I decided to come here too. And I am very happy with my choice. The city is full of energy, of young people, and the University offers good quality education.”

Amata Thongphetsavong Gautam (Switzerland), Faculty of Medicine – French section, 6th year, president and co-founder of EMSA Iași


„I have always dreamt of becoming a doctor and I would have done anything to follow my dream. Romania was one of my many options. However, a friend of mine from Cluj told me about the Romanian educational system, which is based a lot on practice and active involvement and with an equal amount of theory and, for this reason, I chose Romania as the right place to pursue my dream. One of the main reasons is that here, if you study hard, you get good results, while in other Western European countries it is more about selection and reducing the number of students… they do not have a pre-selection process and this can be very misleading and frustrating. Personally, I am extremely grateful for this huge opportunity to study here, even if things may not be perfect. What matters most is that its leadership knows that things are not perfect, but at least it strives and makes efforts to achieve perfection, and this is wonderful. I am very grateful for the relationship I have with the Rector, Professor Viorel Scripcariu, who is open and willing to listen, who tries to help us and to always improve things. As president of EMSA Iasi, I was lucky enough to deal with a series of extraordinary people from the management team, from the secretariat, administration office, Dean’s office and Rector’s office. With the upcoming graduation I really need to say «Thank you!»”

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